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Nidec Plans to Expand Motor Sales for Chinese AC Manufacturers
Published Jun 2013

As part of its steps toward expanding the non-HDD motor business, Nidec intends to sizably expand its mid-term sales of motors for Chinese local air conditioner manufactures.

The company plans to expand the value of shioments of motors to Chinese lacal customers centering on the three major air conditioner manufacturers to about \30 billion/year in 2015 (fiscal year ending March 2016), about 6 times as much as those in 2012. The company's motor sales to Chinese local air conditioner manufacturers centering on the three majors have continued to increase and the value of shipments jumped to \4.8 billion in 2012 from \300 milliom in 2011. The company aims to expand the value of its motor shipments to the major and semi-major companies to about \8.5 billion in 2013.


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