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Industrial Machinery
 Three-Phase Induction Motor(IE3)
 Output Power  55kW or less.
 We cannot handle partly depending on the condition. Please consult for the range.
 Rated Voltage  200/200/220V 50/60/60Hz
 400/400/440V 50/60/60Hz
 (applicable for specific spec)
 Poles  2、4、6 Poles
 Thermal Clas  Class F
 Time Rating  Continuous
 Mounting  Base Mounted, Flange Mounted
 Applicable Standards  Dimensions(JIM 1400、JEM 1401)
 Peculiarity(JEC 2137)
 General(JIS C4034、JEC2137)
 High efficiency(IEC 60034-30)
 Applications  Fans, Blowers, Cranes, Pumps, Textile Machines,
 Wind Generators, Fans Filter Unit, Elevators, Engine-cooling Fans, HVAC for Trains, etc
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 Mighty Econo Motor  pdf
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