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  Nidec Techno Motor Corporation, a company that manufactures and sells mid-size and compact motors for air conditioners, home appliance and industrial products, boasts a top-level share in the global market for its brushless DC motors for air conditioners. Each and every Nidec Techno Motor employee has been making dedicated efforts with a strong sense of mission to constantly renovate technologies and promptly respond to changes in the market.
Aiming to become a global enterprise that will continue to grow for the next 100 years and beyond, Nidec Techno Motor is poised to make contributions to the society by fulfilling its social responsibilities and further enhancing its manufacturing capabilities.
While being so grateful for your and other companies’ support for us, we are determined to move forward, ready to support you even more.
Nidec Techno Motor Corporation

Representative Director,
Executive Vice Chairman
of Nidec Corporation

片山 幹雄
Mikio Katayama
  Nidec Techno Motor Corporation aspires to be a leading global company for small & mid-size motors in HVAC and Industrial Machinery markets.
We are a company which positively contributes to society through development, production and distribution of small & mid-size motors and motor applied products with cutting-edge technology. We support earth friendly activities and global economic development through the production of high efficiency, energy saving and material saving products.
With pride and dedication, all of our employees are developing advanced technology, producing reliable products and pursuing high quality and performance; exceeding our customers’ expectations.
We greatly appreciate your continued support to our company. Thank you.
Nidec Techno Motor Corporation

廣部 俊彦
Toshihiko Hirobe
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