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Company History
Former Nidec Shibaura Corporation
1943 Sep. Obama Plant starts operations.
1998 Oct. Shibaura Nidec Corp. is established as a joint venture with Nidec Corp. and other two companies.
2001 Apr. Shibaura Nidec Corp. is renamed Nidec Shibaura Corp.
  Former Nidec Power Motor Corporation
1978 Oct. Iizuka Plant of Yaskawa Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is established.
1986 Oct. Iizuka Plant becomes independent company as Y-E Drive Corp.
2000 Mar. Nidec Corp. acquires capital.
2001 Jan. Y-E Drive Corp. is renamed Nidec Power Motor Corp.
2009 Sep. Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corp. is established. Nidec Shibaura Corp. and Nidec Power Motor Corp. becomes its subsidiaries.
2010 Jan. Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corp. acquires a home appliance business from ACC S.p.A in Italy and establishes Nidec Sole Motor Corp.
2011 Mar. Nidec Powe Motor Corp. is merged with Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corp.
2011 Apr. Nidec Shibaura Corp. is merged with Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corp. Nidec Sole Motor Corp. becomes a subsidiary of Nidec Motor Holdings Corp.
2012 Apr.  Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corp. is renamed Nidec Techno Motor Corp.
2013 May  Fukui Technical Center opens.
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